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ZB Cash-in-transit robbers sentenced to 10 years

ZB Cash-in-transit robbers who got away with US$2.7 million sentenced to 10 years in prison.

ZimHubNews – Senior Writer
Three convicted armed robbers who staged a robbery and stole US$2.7 million from a ZB bank cash-in-transit vehicle have been slapped with a 10-year jail term each.
They were part of the 2021 Chinhoyi highway money heist where ZB bank lost more than US$2 million. The three were found guilty of staging one of the biggest robberies in the country.
The three were convicted after a full trial with the state proving that ZB bank employee Njowa was the mastermind of the robbery before roping in his accomplices. The trio hijacked a cash-in-transit vehicle that was distributing money at various ZB bank branches and got away with US$2.7 million in cash.
Four other individuals have been acquitted for lack of evidence linking them to the robbery.

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