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Lobby group sings for its supper

Lobby group sings for its supper, blasts the opposition CCC for boycotting ED address at Parliament.

ZimHubNews – Senior Writer

A little known lobby group that is still finding its feet has joined the bandwagon of bootlickers who sing for their supper as they try to gain relevance by discrediting the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change. A number of affiliate organisations have been able to milk the ruling party ZANU-PF for their work and efforts to dismiss anything that the main opposition does and the latest ‘affiliate organisation’ to join this charade is called the Progressive and Patriotic Citizens of Zimbabwe.

On Tuesday, Citizens Coalition for Change MPs boycotted the opening of Parliament and President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s State of the Nation address.

Their statement was propagated by State Broadcaster ZBC. Analysts say anything that tarnishes the image of the opposition will be used so as to try and give legitimacy to the administration.

Below is the statement by Progressive and Patriotic Citizens of Zimbabwe

The Progressive and Patriotic Citizens of Zimbabwe, notes with dismay the boycotting of the official opening of the First session of the Tenth parliament of Zimbabwe and the State of the Nation address by the president of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Cde Dr ED Mnangagwa.

The boycott is evidence of a party lacking principles, ideology and tact. It is a public secret that the Citizens Coalition for Change gladly embraced its victories in the legislative and council elections that took place on 23 August 2023 during the National harmonized elections.

CCC envies the benefits that come with their victories, yet hypocritically claims not recognize the electoral outcome.

These opposition party lawmakers who boycotted the official opening of the First session of the tenth parliament did not only violate their oath of office but also betrayed their respective constituencies’ desire to be represented.

CCC legislators must understand that they are part of government and they represent everyone across the political divide. As PAPCOZ we therefore condemn such irresponsible behaviour with the contempt it deserves.

On the other side of the spectrum, however, PAPCOZ embraces the state of the nation address for it outlined and provided a comprehensive overview of the government’s achievements and highlighted the legislative focus for the upcoming parliamentary session.

With a strong emphasis on economic growth, infrastructure development and social welfare, the President reaffirmed his administration’s total and unwavering commitment to advancing the nation of Zimbabwe and improving the lives of ordinary citizens as we endeavour to achieve an empowered and upper-middle income society by 2030.

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