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ED slammed for taking wife to Parliament, seating at the high table. 

ED slammed for taking wife to Parliament, seating at the high table.

Zim Hub News – Senior Writer
President Emmerson Mnangagwa who controversially won the August polls on Tuesday officially opened the 10th Parliament but was heavily criticized for first seating on highest chair in Parliament that is solely reserved for the Speaker. To add to that, President Mnangagwa was flanked by the First lady Auxillia Mnangagwa, something very bizarre to have a First Lady taking such a position in Parliament.
South African based Zimbabwean Journalist Ali Naka who is a critic of President Mnangagwa pointed to a number of unconstitutional flaws that characterized yesterday’s Parliament opening chief among that having the service chiefs seated way below the First Lady.
Shocked by the move to have the First Lady flanking the President on the Speakers throne, Naka said, “Where in the World does this happen? What is that Person in Green doing in that chair? What’s her position in Government? If I was Parliament today, i would ask the person in Green (First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa) to vacate that seat, also the Person who invited her to vacate the Speaker’s chair!
This was a blatant disregard of the Parliament and the constitution!! He added, “In Gabon, the former 1st lady was charged for a multitude of crimes. Power is temporary.” Naka said, having service Chiefs seated way below the First Lady is mockery of the securocrat, said “It’s those clowns to the left in Caps who should feel ashamed of themselves! Service Chiefs are now below the Emmerson’s Girlfriend!”
Weighing in on President Mnangagwa seating on the Speaker’s Chair, the Zimbabwe born SA based Journalist said, “A President doesn’t seat on the Speaker’s chair?”
He added giving an example of South Africa, “When a President comes to Parliament; he/she is a Visitor and CANNOT sit on the Speaker’s chair! Across the Limpopo you have a constitutional delinquent who will take the Speaker’s chair and the Partner sits above Service Chiefs. It’s a mess.”
Naka applauded the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change legislators for boycotting the Parliament session. He said, “Fully support @CCCZimbabwe BOYCOTT of that crime scene! Illegitimacy must be amplified.”


Referencing a picture of the First Lady about the boycott Ali Naka said, “That Boycott hit home! They are in pain. Congratulations to those who didn’t show up for the charade. As to what happens next that’s a story for another day. Yesterday happened and the pain was delivered to the tormentor.”

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