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Fraudster Kunze on the run

Fraudster Kunze on the run


South African based fraudster Varaidzo Marylyn Kunze is on the run after she allegedly swindled several men millions of Rands and misrepresented facts about her life.

Swindler Kunze is also said to have duped man that she is 38 years old when she is ten years older.


Fraudster Kunze on the run

She also made a series of fake pregnancies to men and is up for fraud in South Africa where she resides.

Shepherd Chipatiko, a well established businessman based in South Africa who also fell prey to Kunze confirmed to this publication that the fraudster will be pursued by police following his report today.

“We have made a police report today here in South Africa, with expectations that the hunt for her will begin tomorrow.

“On top of the police report, we are also giving a reward of R10 000 for her whereabouts,” Chipatiko said.

He said he had been married for a very short period of time with Kunze but they didn’t have children together after she lied to him about pregnancy.

Chipatiko said despite being swindled by Kunze, he gave her money to start businesses but she squandered all the money and is now broke hence now using social media to destroy his reputation and image.

He said she is using many people to try and extort money from him.

All along, Chipatiko said, he was very quite but now wants to go after her after cyber bullying him on the social media and misrepresenting facts about their marriage.

“I now want her to refund me the following lobola payment and celebrations amount to R755000, push car for R385 000, Bitcoin loan of R100 000,” Chipatiko said.

He said she made misrepresentation of the following fake pregnancy R320 000, age misrepresentation and about having one child when she has two kids .

Chipatiko now want R500 000 for deformation of c


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