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Struggling Is A Beautiful Thing!

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Those humans who struggle become more powerful; their strength to survive and to change the course of their own lives becomes so evident that the people around witness in them a massive shift of both character and inner wisdom. Then why do thousands of humans complain and feel sad that they are struggling, which is perhaps a part of their own illusions? What we see in our lives or in the society around us, we think them to be true. But is it because we want to believe that or are we part of an illusion that makes us believe in things?

Why is struggling bad? And why can we not leave behind the memories of our struggles and work for our own betterment? If we start believing that all the pains that we get in this world – betrayals, insults, heartbreaks, losing loved ones, death, loneliness, ignored by family members – are perhaps nothing but ways to realise that these are energies, which enter our lives to create our own evolved versions. Once wisdom shows us the futility of such pains, we become peaceful and guide others to heal themselves. This is a truth that exists too in this dimension where we are breathing at this moment; however, if this is a truth then why do people repeat the same mistakes like a cyclic event?

Humans had created the concept of society to build communities and to live together, united and in a safe environment. The strange thing about this is that in contemporary times, society becomes the first entity that questions or raises a finger immediately when a human being struggles or takes a decision that may break some conventional rules. Now the question that lingers is that ‘is society an entity or is it our own illusionary world’ which we created to check our own limitations?

In this world, there are humans who are not limited to what can be seen, there are many who are either blessed or born with the knowledge of past lives or perhaps the wisdom that ‘life is transient, and so we must not collapse until death calls us back’. Sometimes we focus on ourselves and believe that our inner forces are powerful, sincere and pure; and suddenly things begin to change around us, and we call it ‘luck’. It can be anything and we must explore to understand life itself; however, in our lifetime we do meet people who can bring the balance of energies in us. The significant fact is that we must realise it, otherwise ‘time’ will take away the opportunity from us and that chance will be lost.

Let me narrate an incident –

I met her suddenly one day in a cafe. She did not begin to guide me, but her energies did calm me and I could feel the essence of life inside my body. I realised very naturally that I was being healed while I was talking to her about simple things in life. When we began our conversation, there was no pressure of what to speak about or who would say what; it was like the rains – sudden, natural, peaceful. And after some time I learnt that she knows about life and she is a born healer. It might sound mystical or a science-fiction tale, but it is not. It is a very simple truth that we need to embrace and acknowledge. She can heal, she can create a different space for us, she can make us see the value of life and the most important truth that ‘we are born and we are alive.’

Shoheli Biswas is not just a name, it is a revelation that the universe blessed me with because I have always believed that my soul is a traveller in space and parallel dimensions. The existence of a multiverse has been established long back by – Hugh Everett III (American physicist who proposed the many-world-interpretation of quantum physics); but the concept and the reality of such a truth had been stated long back by the American philosopher and psychologist William Jones in 1895, and then appeared in the modern scientific context because of a debate between Boltzmann and Zermelo in 1895; but the idea of many worlds, dimensions and cyclical time had been the central truths in Hindu cosmology in which the universes undergo a series of destruction and creation; thus, the repetitions of ‘Kalpa’ illustrates the rising of eternal and ever-changing multiverses. Thousands of years ago ancient Hindu scriptures had mentioned the mutual existence of multiverses, and Lord Krishna had passed the knowledge to Brahma – ‘there are other infinite Universes each with its own creator (Brahma), and cycle of birth and death…’

We are already enlightened, yet we question and exist in the illusions that we have created but how long can we deny our own collective consciousness?

(Author note: Anindita Bose loves to nurture various disciplines of art. She is an academician, translator, poet, and writer. Her experience of work extends to subtitling short films of vernacular languages.)

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