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Budding entrepreneuer launches book on christian values


The Founder of a Christian based community organisation, Spoken_Unto_Me 2021 (SUM2021), has launched a book aimed at bringing up well-grounded children exposed to language while cultivating deep faith in God for them. Tinotenda Tawha, who studied International Business, majoring in E-commerce, launched the book, ABC’s Activity Book Level 1, over the weekend at a ceremony in Harare.


Tinotenda Tawha
Tinotenda Tawha holds aloft a copy of the book soon after the launch.


As the title aptly says, the book uses the foundation of ABC’s to instill biblical principles in children. The book has a double impact of giving children a concrete foundation of learning language while helping them to grow with a strong footing in Christ by learning the alphabet through bible scriptures.

Tawha said the book was God-inspired and seeks to expose kids to the alphabet which is the foundation of language and help children grow through development. Speaking at the launch, Tinotenda said the alphabet is a fitting vehicle to ensure that children grow up with a strong foundation in Christ while also learning to recognize letters and sounds to form words. “At Spoken_Unto_Me2021, we believe that it is important for each child to grow up with a strong foundation in Christ. Through this book, each child will not only learn the alphabet, but they will also be taught different bible principles. All of these principles will help them in their daily lives to live a life guided and centered in Christ,” said Tinotenda.


She said in addition to learning the alphabet, children will be able to color in the book adding that this assists them learn to read, write and to be creative. Tinotenda says children are a blessing from God, and adults have a responsibility to bring them up in the Lord.


“ABCs are the foundation on which children learn a language, and they internalise it even as they get older. The book is helping a child not only learn, but also to then have the understanding of biblical principles as this helps them grow in their faith,” said Tinotenda. The book is spiced with prayers and bible verses with every letter of the alphabet matched with an appropriate scripture reading. The letter A was matched with the word Adoration. The book highlights what adoration is about. Readers get to learn the importance and benefits of showering God with praise and adoration. “You are God almighty! All praise and glory belong to you.”

The book then gives Psalm 95:6 as the supporting verse for Adoration. “Come, let us worship and bow down, Let us kneel before the Lord our maker.” The letter B was matched to the word Blessing with the children exposed to the need for everyone to be blessed. Readers get to commit their loved ones through prayer. “Bless my family, friends and all those in need around the world.” The book then quotes Numbers 6: 24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.” In addition to learning the alphabet, the book offers the children an opportunity to be creative, by coloring in the provided illustrations, including insects, human beings,
animal accessories, and clothes among many others. The book winds up by quoting Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all this through Christ who strengthens me.”

Tinotenda said this verse is meant to encourage the children that they can achieve anything that they set their mind to, depending on God for wisdom, strength, and guidance. She said Spoken_Unto_Me2021 has a passion to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to everyone in different places that God sends them out to. “We would also want to share God’s love and mercy for us all cognizant of the fact that we are here because God has been and will always be gracious to us. This is inspired by Ephesians 2:10 – “For we are God’s handiwork created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do,” she said. Spoken Unto Me uses the book to develop God-centred families and friendships, encouraging family time that is centered around God’s word. She said the book is envisaged to help families not only read God’s word but to have God’s word written within their hearts – Psalm 119: 11.

It also seeks to develop different ways to incorporate God’s word in children’s lives to help them live their life daily guided by God’s word – Prov 22:6. As the world faces many trials and tribulations, the book is pivotal in helping readers
understand their true identity in God. “It is important for children in particular but everyone at large to understand that we
are defined by God and not by the world as the Word says in Jeremiah 1:5 ” said Tinotenda. She said SUM 2021 was established during the COVID 19 pandemic.

“The pandemic afforded people the opportunity to self-reflect and self-introspect and get to understand the truth about what God says about all of us and not what others (those around us) say about us. The truth God says is all written in His word,” said
Tinotenda.  She said there are plans to author books for other age groups in her quest to spread God’s Word.  “I am a child of God, who is humbled to be able to have this opportunity to spread His Word. I am the last born of Mr C S and Mrs J T M Tawha and have two elder siblings Taffy and Tanya. An aunt to Ishe. I studied International Business. I worked for some time after graduation until I felt driven to put the dream into a reality,” said Tinotenda. She said God has a way of leading us to accomplish the works He has set for us, for it is Him who gives strength and ability.

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