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Oppein Zim artistry aggrandises home values

Oppein Zim artistry aggrandises home values


Upmarket home cabinetry designer and maker, Oppein Zimbabwe’s state of the art designs have aided many houses to double their values amid exquisite furnishings.

Oppein Zimbabwe operates under a franchise of China’s Oppein Home Group, a leading global manufacturer of kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and other home accouterments.

Homelux managing director Justin Machibaya speaking at the Oppein cocktail on Tuesday.
Homelux managing director Justin Machibaya speaking at the Oppein cocktail on Tuesday.

Oppein’s elegance is the first of its kind in the country and beautify houses and offices into cosy places.

All along, Oppein has been targeting upmarket segment but now it has expanded focus to the middle-income population segment who wants the same elegance at their houses.

Some of the delagates at Oppein Zimbabwe cocktail.
Some of the delagates at Oppein Zimbabwe cocktail.

During a cocktail party for visiting the officials from Oppein Home Group, Justin Muchabaya, managing director of real estate firm Homelux, said many people including the medium density areas now want the same comfort as those in upmarket hence Oppein Zimbabwe saw an opportunity to expand coverage to the middle-income segment.

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Some of the delagates at Oppein Zimbabwe cocktail.

“The products are well crafted and tailor-made; perfect for the top end because they add significant value to any real estate asset. Oppein is the fitter of choice.

 “As a result of the impact, we have come up with products in Oppein that can fit and support the middle income [segment] so that they enjoy the same benefit value, the same tranquillity that comes when these things fittings are put in their homes,” Machibaya told the gathering on Tuesday night.

Machibaya recommended taking a deeper look by considering the kind of living space and experience one needed to create in their home.

 “It is important that when planning cabinet fittings, you don’t just think about getting a carpenter to provide a design,” said Mr Machibaya. “Go a step further and consider what kind of living space you need and what benefits you want to experience in the room,” he said.

Machibaya said this is where Oppein’s services can be valuable to add the value

 to the holes.

The properties currently built around the country’s urban, peri-urban and rural areas align with the standards of typical middle-income housing.

 Machibaya said Oppein opened its doors in October 2022, and it has continued on an upward trajectory with no sign of slowing down.

 “We have witnessed growth in both sales and the number of projects undertaken,” he said.

During the event, Oppein Home Group’s overseas business development director, Ms Gao Fei, led a comprehensive presentation showcasing their product offerings across the world where she emphasised Oppein’s exceptional quality and superiority in every market it operates on.

Oppein Zimbabwe is collaborating with leading real estate companies in developing housing projects, including West Pro.

It is also targeting opportunities at the Cyber City in Mt Hampden.

 The event attracted various stakeholders from the construction industry.

OPPEIN Group, founded by Chinese billionaire Yao Liangsong, boasts a massive international presence with over 7 200 franchise showrooms in 188 countries.

According to its website, Oppein secured the top spot globally for kitchen cabinet production and sales in 2023, reaching a staggering 850 000 sets.

This accomplishment reflects their consistent growth, exemplified by their 29th consecutive year of increasing revenue.

In 2022 alone, turnover reached US$3.24bn.

The firm’s products have found a home in over 118 countries, contributing to a market value surpassing US$15.3bn in March 2021.

Oppein Group differentiates itself in international markets through a unique blend of Italian design aesthetics, European quality standards, and a convenient one-stop shop approach for all your home furnishing needs.

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