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Zacc investigations into Chivayo hit brick wall

Zacc investigations into Chivayo hit brick wall


Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) investigations into tenderpreneur Wicknell Chivayo and his former business partners Mike Chimombe and Moses Mpofu’s deals have failed to take off amid revelations that the two key sources are out of the country.

The push for investigations comes as the corruption watchdog vowed to interview the trio for suspected money laundering.

Michael Reza, the chairperson of Zacc, said the commission has more compelling evidence against the trio.

But, according to Chimombe and Mpofu lawyers,Antonio and Dzvetero Legal Practitioners, the two are out of the country.

“Our clients are currently out of the country and will not be able to attend any interviews until their return to Zimbabwe. However, they are willing to co-operate fully with the investigations and are available to attend any requested interviews upon their return,” the lawyers wrote.

We kindly request that you notify us of any request you may have concerning this issue.

“In the meantime, kindly take note of our undertaking that we will ensure our clients’ availability. Please feel free to contact us if you require any further information or clarification.”

Zacc spokesperson Thandiwe Mlobane yesterday confirmed that the commission received the letter.

“I confirm receipt of the letter from Antonio and Dzvetero (Legal Practitioners) and await their next move,” Mlobane said.

Chivayo is also reportedly out of the country.

The issue came to limelight after an audio leak where Chivayo was allegedly confirming that they got a windfall from a murky Zimbabwe Electoral Commission US$40m tender to supply material for the 2023 general elections.

It also emerged that the figure was highly inflated with Zec being charged over US$1m for an HP server, which costs just over US$4 000.

Chivayo has, however, miffed his business partners who accuse him of cheating.

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