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Dr. Kachirekwa’s inspirational journey to the top

Dr. Kachirekwa’s inspirational journey to the top


For many people, Dr. Edzai Kachirekwa is associated with business mentorship programs on radio and television stations as well as the popular brand, Power Giants.

 In this instalment, The ZimHub reporter sat down with the multi-award winning Engineer for a candid question and answer session to learn more about him and the exploits that have earned him accolades in Zimbabwe and beyond borders.

Q: Dr. Kachirekwa, can you briefly tell us more about yourself?

A: Edzai Kachirekwa is a humble Zimbabwean self-made business man, an electrical engineer by qualification, entrepreneur, energy expert, life coach and business mentor. I am the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Power Giants Southern and East Africa, an electrical Engineering concern as well as president for the Afro Eurasia Energy Centre.

Q: Your rags to riches story inspires many. Young people and those who dream of starting and growing their own business entities would want to emulate you. What lessons can be drawn from your experience? How did you start and nurtured a business initiative against all odds?

A: For anyone who aspires to venture in business there are key traits or attributes they should observe. Honesty, determination and perseverance are among the most important characteristics a business person should have and without them, no matter which field, your chances of making it to the top are very slim. The business terrain is so unkind, it’s a hard-hat area and not for the faint-hearted. You need to brace up for all eventualities and be determined to conquer your destiny. Ultimately it’s the power of your mindset which will propel you to greater heights, overcoming all sorts of obstacles hence

I always say “Your Mindset is your Currency!”

Q: Over the years you have championed the transition from fossil fuels-driven energy to clean energy. Can it be said that Zimbabwe is well on course to attaining the Sustainable Development Goal Number 7 (the provision of clean and reliable energy to stimulate economic development through promoting investment in energy infrastructure and clean energy technology)? What measures would you recommend for the government, policy makers and the private sector to expedite the attainment of the goal and Vision 2030?

A: As I have always said, our country is endowed with vast mineral resources and a competent human resources base capable of securing a sustainable livelihood for every Zimbabwean and future generations. At the policy making level, there are important decisions that must be made, decisions that will change the trajectory of our economy.

We are the ones responsible for building our own economy. No one will come from anywhere to do it for us, hence the Second Republic’s mantra “Nyika inovakwa neVene Vayo”. We are the owners of the country and the responsibility to make our country better lies with all of us collectively.

World over, any functional economy is powered by a reliable energy sector so we must revolutionise our systems of harnessing power. We need sustainable ways that propel our economy to perform better such that eventually we become the region’s energy hub. Yes, we can do it, all that is required is the strength of will…the political will.

The future of energy and power systems is green. We need to embrace clean energy technologies at full throttle. Such a robust approach requires a system overhaul which reconfigures the operational framework of the country’s energy sector which will ultimately see the private sector taking a proactive role in power generation and distribution.

Q: You have persistently advocated for the adoption of the Mandatory Domestic Energy Fund as a mechanism for revitalizing the moribund

energy sector to stimulate growth. Can you explain that model? How it works and what are the envisaged benefits to the national economy?

A: The Mandatory Domestic Energy Fund is Zimbabwe’s ultimate home-grown solution capable of completely alleviating the crippling power shortages which have caused incessant load shedding that has paralysed industrial, mining and agricultural operations, forcing farmers and miners to resort to more expensive sources of power to cushion themselves from total collapse.

This model is funded by the citizens through levying and works by means of a revolving fund. It is administered by the government as a regulator with Independent Power Producers (IPPS) and the private sector playing the fundamental role of power generation, infrastructure development and distribution. In a way, the model removes the need for external funding or borrowing from multilateral institutions.

Q: Already ordinary citizens, farmers and miners are grappling with the high cost of electricity. The recent electricity tariff hike to USc14.21/kWh in October 2023 for miners had a negative impact on their operations. The power tariffs in general are deemed too high and there are concerns that such a model of self financing power generation capacity may make it even more difficult for the poor majority, miners and farmers to afford electricity.

A: Privatising the energy sector is the way to go. That is a phenomenon all over the world. It makes operational systems efficient for industry and eventually brings down the cost of producing electricity. At the end of the day, it will benefit the miners, farmers, industry as well as the poor and vulnerable members of the communities hence the gains far outweighs the pain. No pain no gain…we have to make a sacrifice otherwise the productive sectors of the economy will remain moribound.

Q: Lastly, may you share with us some of your achievements and the accolades you have received over the years?

A: Over the course of my illustrious career I have bagged many awards, they are just too many to mention but I will just share a few which include; The Triumph over Adversity Award (Zim Community awards 2021), Outstanding Philanthropy serving Organisation (Zim Community News 2021), Award in the category of Energy and Solar (Entrepreneurs Network of Zimbabwe 2022), The Best Electrical Engineering firm of 2022 (Zim Community Awards), Certificate of Appreciation (Harare Institute of Technology

university HIT V-Lab 2022), 2023 Nominee (Entrepreneurs Network of Zimbabwe), Top 5 innovators of the year 2023 Nominee (Inside

Business), The Best Male Entrepreneur of the Year (Zim Trailblazers 2023), The most influential Businessman of the Year, Excellent Strategic Business Leader (Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking 2024).

Just recently, I was conferred with the Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters Degree from the Zimbabwe Institute of Philanthropy in partnership with the International Women’s University in recognition of my significant contribution to humanity and philanthropy and selected as one of 100 Africa’s Most Influential Persons, under the Business Executive’s innovative new awards scheme of the same title. I received the Businessman of the Year Award (Zimbabwe), Africa SADC Regional Business, Energy and Industrialisation while our company Power Giants was honoured with the Company of the Year Award.

These awards really humbled me. The occasion earned me a seat at the table with kings and giants. Among those honoured are eminent people like South Africa’s President, HE Cyril Ramaphosa; the President of Rwanda, HE Paul Kagame; and Didier Drogba, who are some of Africa’s luminaries. Being chosen among these people is truly inspiring.

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