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NetOne denies ZWL$40 000 per US$1 airtime charging

NetOne denies ZWL$40 000 per US$1 airtime charging


Zimbabwe’s second-largest mobile network, NetOne, has swiftly responded to allegations that it is now using an exchange rate of 40,000 Zimbabwean dollars to US$1 for airtime purchases.

A screenshot of the new prices was shared across social media platforms, with NetOne being criticised for devaluing the Zimbabwean dollar.

In a statement,NetOne distanced itself from the prices saying that they did not reflect the company’s business practices.

NetOne explained that its pricing model is influenced by the official exchange rate.

The telecom operator urged customers to buy their airtime from authorised platforms and dealers to ensure that they get value for their money and are charged a fair price.

“It has come to our attention that there are reports regarding the sale of NetOne airtime at unauthorised prices. We would like to emphasise that NetOne Cellular does not endorse or authorise selling of airtime above the gazetted prices by relevant regulatory authorities. The pricing model of our products and services is guided by the official exchange rate,” reads part of the statement.

“NetOne Cellular takes great pride in ensuring accessibility and availability of our products and services to our esteemed customers. We urge you to purchase NetOne airtime exclusively from our official retail stores, authorised distributors and approved online platforms. Purchasing of airtime using the above official channels assures our customers of authenticity, reliability and security, “NetOne added.

“NetOne Cellular remains committed to taking action against any unauthorised sale and distribution of our products. We request your cooperation and reporting any incidents or individuals involved in the unauthorised sale of NetOne airtime to our dedicated customer support help line, 123 or our social media handles.”

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