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Liquid lays 26000km of Fibre

Liquid lays 26000km of fibre


Liquid Intelligent Technologies has laid more than 26 000km of fibre in Zimbabwe to connect businesses and individuals to increase production and productivity.

This made Liquid, one of the biggest internet provider in Zimbabwe.

“In Zimbabwe alone, we have laid over 26 000kilometres [km] of fibre, equipping individuals and businesses with access to enterprise-grade connectivity,” Liquid Telecom Southern Africa chief executive officer

Wellington Makamure told this publication.

He said Liquid has also made significant investment in the African continent and the company has laid over 110 000 kilometres of fibre in Africa, making it Africa’s

largest independent fibre network.

The development has positioned Liquid as the leading fibre network in the continent, resulting in the company taking most of contracts across Africa.

According to Makamure, connectivity has revolutionised how people communicate, collaborate,

and conduct business as with only a click of a button, one in Africa can communicate with someone in New York or can do business.

“It transcends geographical boundaries,

enabling instant information exchange, global trade, and seamless interactions. The role of connectivity and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) are reshaping industries. AI, in particular,

empowers machines to learn, reason, and make decisions, leading to enhanced efficiency, personalised experiences, and new business models,” Makamure said.

He said such emerging technologies have propelled recognition of access to telecoms as a human right and promoted open access to the internet across Zimbabwe and Africa.

According to Makamure, local banks offer international products which enable their customers to transact in real-time from all over the world.

“Connectivity powers such services and aids banks in delivering world-class services to local clients,” Makamure said.

He said the internet democratised education as on line courses, research materials, and virtual classrooms empower learners worldwide.

“Due to Covid-19, there has been an

increase in the number of institutions that offer online and remote learning; internet connectivity is the basis of this.

“Today, telecommunications companies equip individuals to access international education institutions from the comfort of their homes Healthcare: Telemedicine, remote consultations, and health information dissemination are possible through Internet connectivity,” Makamure said.

Liquid and other local players have equipped the local health sector with this ability to improve the delivery of healthcare services across the nation.

He said AI automates tasks, streamlines processes, and enhances productivity.

Liquid extended its commitment to underserved areas by offering 250 hospitals in towns and remote regions

internet and this initiative contributes to better healthcare services and educational opportunities.

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