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Time up for mbingas

Time up for mbingas


Government will soon institute a lifestyle audit for city dealers flaunting wealth on social media without records of their income, Harare permanent secretary for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Tafadzwa Muguti has said.

This followed the proliferation of dealers flaunting their wealth that include luxurious vehicles, clothing and other materials without a record of how they make their money.

“I should tell you now that there are things we will do as a government. This business of flaunting wealth on social media is coming to an end. We will ask questions on sources of wealth and we cannot have someone posting (on social media) seven cars but tell you ndinokiya kiya. What is kukiya kiya?” he said.

“We cannot have a country where there are people who flaunt wealth and feel they cannot account for and then feel they are untouchable,” he said in apparent reference to a grouping of youthful dealers who style themselves as Mbingas and slay queens.

Several mainly young Zimbabweans have taken to social media posting vehicles and other wealth on social media bragging.

Most of them however, do not declare sources of income.

This is happening as millions of Zimbabweans are living in abject poverty as the economy continues to suffer.

The dealers have taken Harare drinking spots by storm where they buy and splash on expensive beverages.

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