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Spin Doctor Mocks “Mandla App”



Just before Zimbabwe’s 2023 harmonised general election, @PacheduZW left the gullible CCC base in delirium as it huffed and puffed that its “Mandla App was Watching Everything” – giving the CCC faithfuls a false assurance that Pachedu would access V11s and use them to announce a result for Chamisa before the declaration of the final result by @ZECzim – when in fact ‘Mandla” was watched by bigger and better eyes 24/7 to checkmate and render it powerless, blind and useless.


Now there’s a running joke that, ‘don’t be useless like Pachedu’.


The full disastrous story of ‘Mandla’ is yet to be told.


Meanwhile, everyone agrees that @PacheduZW’s ‘Mandla’ was an unmitigated fiasco, from which the Uncle Toms behind will take long to recover.


MORAL OF THE STORY: In politics, you cannot do anything meaningful or successful without structures. It’s just impossible, even if you invoke God’s name in vain. No structures, no winning result. Fullstop.


The whole “Mandla” thing was a monumental debacle because it was depended on a CCC with no constitution and no structures, which was was run on the whims, caprices and hallucinations of one person and one person alone. Among many deficits that bedeviled it, the one-person-run CCC did not have requisite polling agents at the 12, 374 polling stations.


With no structural presence on the ground, Mandla – actually @PacheduZW – became a useless Internet joke. The rest is history!

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