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Police go after big guns

Police go after big guns




The police said none will be left in the countrywide crackdown on people , including political heavyweights and businesses violating the Exchange Control Act amid concerns they may be the sources of the illicit deals, Business Times can report.


It comes after Neville Mutsvangwa, the son of ZANU PF spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa and Women Affairs Minister Monica Mutsvangwa, together with his two accomplices, were remanded in custody.


They are facing three counts of illegal foreign currency deals to May 30. Mutsvangwa faces a fourth charge of illegally possessing a Starlink internet router.


National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, told this publication that the law enforcement agents will apply the law impartially and fearlessly.


“They will be no sacred cows, we will conduct our duties in a professional manner without fear or favour.


“The public can give us useful information on anyone whom they suspect is violating Exchange Control Act and we can act accordingly,” Nyathi said.


Oliver Chiperesa, the FIU director general, weighed in saying: “We are ready to execute our duties on anyone without fear or favour, if the market supplies us with convincing information.


” The problem so far is that people just throw names without evidence. If given concrete evidence, we are ready to take on any perpetrators without looking at his or her background.”


This comes as the police have so far arrested 224 illegal money changers in a blitz with FIU freezing 90 bank accounts.


In addition, the FIU has levied fines on over 40 people who have been found to be violating the Exchange Control Act.


The arrest of forex manipulators comes as the new currency continues to depreciate due to lack of confidence despite being backed by gold reserves.

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