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Starlink to Disconnect Service April 30 2024

Zimbabweans to Face Internet Outage on April 30, 2024, as Starlink Disconnects Service


SpaceX’s Starlink, the pioneering satellite internet service, has announced that it will shut down its services in Zimbabwe effective April 30, 2024. This decision follows a directive from Zimbabwe’s Postal & Telecommunications Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ), forcing the company to sever internet connections within the country.


Blow to Connectivity:


Starlink has been a beacon of high-speed, reliable internet for many in Zimbabwe, especially those in remote and rural areas. The service, which was accessible through regional and global roaming features, will now be inaccessible following POTRAZ’s order.


Email Notice to Customers:

Starlink has communicated with its customers via email, clarifying the impending disconnection. The email highlighted,


“The availability of our Mobile Service Plans is contingent upon various factors, including regulatory approvals. Starting April 30th, 2024, you will be unable to connect to the internet except to access your Starlink account.”


Regulatory Roadblocks:


According to the email, the termination of the service is a compliance measure with local regulations, emphasizing that the ‘Mobile – Regional’ plans were intended only for temporary travel, not permanent use outside the customer’s country of order.


Impact on Users:

The shutdown represents a significant setback for internet accessibility in Zimbabwe, particularly affecting those in less connected areas. One Starlink user expressed their concerns, stating,


“This decision is a huge blow to our connectivity and will regress our strides towards digital inclusivity.”


Call to Action:

The company encourages affected individuals to contact local regulators and ministries to advocate for the approval of Starlink services in Zimbabwe. The availability map provided by Starlink remains a crucial tool for users to check service status in other regions.


Looking Ahead:


As the April 30th deadline approaches, many Zimbabweans are left wondering about the future of internet connectivity in their country and the role of regulatory frameworks in shaping access to global digital services.


Starlink To Shut Down Services In Zimbabwe on April 30, 2024

[Image Credit: Starlink]

Full Email Notice From Starlink Announcing It Will Shut Down Its Services In Zimbabwe On April 30, 2024

“The goal of Starlink is to provide reliable high-speed, low-latency internet to people all around the world, especially for those in rural and remote areas where internet connectivity has not been available, unreliable or too expensive. To do so, we’re working as quickly as possible to obtain the necessary regulatory approvals from local governments globally to be allowed to offer Starlink services in as many places as possible.


“As outlined in our Terms of Service, the availability of our Mobile Service Plans is contingent upon various factors, including regulatory approvals. If you are operating your Starlink Kit in an area other than areas designated as “Available” on the Starlink Availability Map, we would like to remind you that this is in violation of the Starlink Terms and starting April 30th, 2024, you will be unable to connect to the internet except to access your Starlink account where you can make updates to your account. This restriction does not apply in areas designated as “Available” on the Starlink Availability Map.



“Additionally, the “Mobile – Regional” plans are intended for temporary travel and transit, not for permanent use in a location. If you have been using a “Mobile – Regional” plan for more than two months outside of the country in which you ordered Starlink, you must either see Support FAQs to change your account country or return to the country in which your service was ordered. Otherwise, your service will be restricted.


“As we continue to receive regulatory approvals to turn on Starlink services in more countries, be sure to check out the Starlink Availability Map to see where you can stay connected! Should you wish to advocate for Starlink to be approved in a given country, appropriate points of contact may be the local information, communications and technology regulator and/or ministry of communications. Depending on your intended use case, ministries of education, health or economy may also be relevant contacts.


“You can read our Terms of Service for more details on our Mobile service plans. Please contact Support if you have additional questions.”

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