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Retailers court Seychelles SMEs 

Retailers court Seychelles SMEs


Zimbabwe’s biggest retailers and wholesalers lobby group, the Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers (CZR) has given an assurance to the Seychelles small to medium enterprises (SMEs) that the group would assist emerging business to set up shop in the country without difficulty.

In the spirit of ease of doing business, CZR can leverage on its excellent relationships with the government and its departments to facilitate the quick registration of Seychelles SMEs.

Presenting at the Seychelles SMEs Conference, CZR president Denford Mutashu told delegates that Zimbabwe has vast investment opportunities that the East African nation can tap into.

“There is a golden opportunity for Seychelles SMEs as Zimbabwe has a diversified economy and rich in resources.The country has strategic location as a gateway to the African market,” Dr Mutashu said.

He said while the country is not as extensive as coastal nations, it centers primarily around the country’s vast inland water bodies which are Lake Kariba and the Zambezi River hence Seychelles businesses have opportunities in aquaculture, tourism, hydroelectric power.

“Aquaculture in Zimbabwe is a growing industry in Zimbabwe, with increased interest in fish farming due to high demand for fish and decline of capture fisheries.

“Seychelles MSMEs could leverage their expertise in sustainable fishing, marine tourism, and conservation efforts in the blue economy sector.

“The Eastern country’s MSMEs could partner with local businesses or invest to tap into eco-tourism and capitalise on the growing interest in eco-friendly travel experiences,” Dr Mutashu said.

He said Seychelles’ expertise in sustainable farming and organic practices could be leveraged in Zimbabwe.

According to Dr Mutashu, Seychelles MSMEs could bring in their expertise in seafood processing and packaging.

 “Given Seychelles’ reputation as a world-class tourist destination it could bring insights and expertise to enhance Zimbabwe’s tourism industry.

“Seychelles MSMEs engaged in digital or online businesses could tap into this growing market in e-commerce, online retail and digital marketing services,” he said.

Dr Mutashu said Seychelles SMEs could form partnerships with local forms to boost local industries.

“Collaborative approach can help demystify the Zimbabwean market, address investor concerns, and highlight the retail sector’s potential.

“Zimbabwe has multiple ripe sectors for innovative solutions that Seychelles’ MSMEs can provide,”he said.

“The strategic location in Southern Africa makes it a gateway to the broader African market via SADC and AfCFTA which has a potential market of hundreds of millions.”

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