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Millers win High Court case against Matinyarare

Millers win High Court case against Matinyarare


Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) has won the High Court case against social media activist Rutendo Matinyarare following his publication of defamatory material against its members.

Yesterday the High Court ordered Matinyarare to remove from his social media account the defamatory content being a tweet on his X account, titled “Innscor GMOS risk exposing Zimbabweans, Zambians, Kenyans & others to biological weapons”.

 Matinyarare went on to claim that GMAZ president Tafadzwa Musarara’s claim that GMOs don’t have side effects is not scientific”.

On Monday, GMAZ filed the court application to High Court and cited Matinyarare and the National Biotechnology Authority of Zimbabwe as respondents.

GMAZ’s interdict of stopping Matinyarare from publishing any further defamatory content against its members, until the finalisation of the suit also passed.

Recently, Innscor Africa obtained a takedown order against Matinyarare, who posted videos online accusing the company of “destroying the taste of Zimbabwean food” while also labelling the company’s founder Zinona ‘Zed’ Koudounaris a “Rhodie”.

The Johannesburg High Court ruled Matinyarare’s claims were “defamatory,” leaving him facing a damages claim from Innscor and Koudounaris as well as a huge legal bill.

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