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ED pushes for third term in office

ED pushes for third term in office


Zanu PF has set the tone for President Emmerson Mnangagwa to run for a third term of office, a clear indication the party is putting in motion a massive campaign likely to see involvement of Parliament to ensure the bid becomes a reality.

Mnangagwa came into power in 2017 to complete the late former President Robert Mugabe’s term of office before he was elected in 2018.

The Zimbabwean leader was re-elected in August last year and hardly six months after the polls, the party, including senior officials has already rolled out a third term bid.

The plan was rolled out earlier this week at a Youth indaba to prepare for the National Youth Day indaba that was held yesterday where Youth League officials chanted the “2030 VaMnangagwa vanenge vachipo” slogan loosely translated to mean Mnangagwa will still be President in 2030.

During the commemorations yesterday, senior Zanu PF officials including Vice President Kembo Mohadi took turns to chant the slogan that was received by an excited party enthusiasts gathered at the event initially meant to celebrate the life of the late former President Robert Mugabe.

“Your Excellency, before I invite you to take the podium, I was thrilled by the new slogan and allow me to chant the slogan,” Mohadi said before chanting the new slogan.

Mohadi did not only chant the slogan but also went on to dare those who do not want.

Masvingo Provincial Zanu PF chairperson Robson Mavhenyengwa also chanted the slogan that party officials said will now be cascaded to other party structures and likely be a common feature in the ruling party gatherings.

While the opposition is in shambles and has numbers in Parliament dwindling, Zanu PF will need its huge numbers in the Lower House and Senate to push through the Mnangagwa bid.

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