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ZSE wants twenty prospective issuers

ZSE wants twenty prospective issuers


The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) wants only 20 companies for the Prospective Issuers Training Programme where the bourse will put an intensive tailor made touch to the potential listers.

The three month long training programme will see the bourse filling the knowledge gap in terms of the benefits and process of listing.

ZSE chief executive officer Justin Bgoni told the delegates at the launch today that the listing will be for both ZSE and Victoria Stock Exchange (VFEX).

“We don’t want too many companies. The number that we want to start with is around 20 companies because we want to make it an intensive touch. We want to work closely with the companies that we want to bring in the programme.

“When we select the companies we want to assess their needs and during the training we will tailor the needs of the 20 companies.We will invite brokers, asset managers, prospective, financiers and auditors so those companies can reach them because of that we don’t want many companies,” Bgoni said.

“The companies’ selection will be based on merit and we will take the strongest companies and most ready companies.”

Bgoni believes that the programme will significantly benefit capital markets.

He said the training programme will enlighten prospective issuers as there is a lot of misconception when it comes to listing on the exchange, and this motivated the exchange to come

up with a tailor made programme to assist companies through the listing process.

“The purpose of the Prospective Issuers training programme is to enlighten potential issuers about the key aspects of our listing process, listing requirements, and the importance of robust

corporate governance.

“The program brings together experienced industry professionals with the prospective issuers and provides guidance and support on their listing journey. Through this programme, we aim to

empower prospective issuers with the necessary knowledge, tools and support,” Bgoni said.

“The prospective issuers program strives to demystify the seemingly complex process and provide clear guidance to

companies seeking to list.”

He said the training programme offers the following benefits to prospective issuers; capital rais where the listing avails an additional capital-raising platform for prospective issuers andit also enhances a company’s corporate image to its stakeholders as an enhanced image is valuable and can lead to customer retention, better trade terms with suppliers, lower cost of borrowing and attraction and retention of skilled human capital.

The program offers prospective issuers access to a host of advisors and consultants who offer expert advisory on how to navigate the listing journey.

“Prospective Issuers will learn how to undertake value enhancing corporate restructuring initiatives such as mergers, acquisitions or disposals more flexibly. The programme enables companies to develop relevant corporate governance structures that enhance decision making thus ensuring the probability of the business to continue operating successfully.

“The program provides an opportunity for prospective issuers to learn from professionals who can share their expertise and insights on various aspects associated with the listing process, such as regulatory requirements, financial reporting standards, and investor relations thus bridging the knowledge gap,” Bgoni said.

The programme will help to boost confidence by offering reassurance, encouragement, and support to navigate the capital markets.

The bourse boss said the benefits of this programme extends beyond the listing process itself as industry experts can become valuable long-term allies, providing

ongoing support and guidance as the company transitions into a public entity.

This is a free programme that offers guidance, support, and mentorship to potential issuers who are interested in accessing the capital markets through an initial public offering (IPO) or

other listing methods.

“The programme is designed to cover a wide range of topic areas to ensure that companies receive comprehensive guidance and support throughout the listing process.

“The customised programme offer guidance on regulatory compliance, market trends, and investor relations and include the following practical areas; listing process, listing requirements, compliance obligations and market dynamics, guidance on navigating listing challenges, financial and integrated reporting, corporate governance, investor relations and strategic corporate communications, investment pitches by prospective issuers, tools and resources to develop robust investor relations strategies and build strong relationships with key stakeholders,” Bgoni said.

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