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Suspected drug dealer assaults Mnangagwa

Suspected drug dealer assaults Mnangagwa


A SUSPECTED drug dealer is on the run after he allegedly assaulted the Deputy Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry Tongai Mnangagwa following a misunderstanding over parking space on Tuesday night.

According to a police report seen by Zimhub Info, Deputy Minister Mnangagwa, his associates and aides parked their convoy outside an apartment block Trude Mansions at the corner of Sixth Street and Fife Avenue in Harare’s Avenues area.

The Deputy Minister and his associates attended a party at the apartment block and when he went to his car afterwards, the suspect, Antony Mwedziwendira, confronted him complaining about his vehicles having been blocked in the parking lot during the party.

The accused person charged towards the Deputy Minister and assaulted him with open hands prompting the former’s aides to intervene.

Mwedziwendira allegedly went on to assault one of the aides once with open hands on the face.

On realising that he was dealing with a Deputy Minister, the accused person fled the scene leaving behind four vehicles, a BMW, a VW and two Mercedes Benz sedans. A report was made at ZRP Milton Park. The vehicle was searched and an assortment of illicit drugs and substances was found in some of them.

Two passports, one of them in the name of Mwedziwendira were found.

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