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CIMAS members demand EGM

Cimas members demand EGM
Members of Cimas medical aid society want an extraordinary general meeting to discuss the allegations of financial malfeasance and imprudent decisions raised by the general manager in a senior management dispute.
The members felt that while the allegations were raised in an acrimonious exchange between two executives, there was need for an EGM to interrogate whether they were getting value for their money given the nature of the allegations.
The development comes as the Ministry of Health and Child Care, which is the regulator of medical aid societies, says it is now studying a report submitted to it by the Cimas board responding to allegations of financial impropriety and unsound decisions made by Cimas health group general manager Dr Sacrifice Chirisa against management led by chief executive, Mr Vulindlela Ndlovu.
In an interview, Permanent Secretary for Health and Child Care Dr Aspect Maunganidze said the Cimas board had complied with a directive the Ministry gave to submit a comprehensive report to the Ministry responding to the allegations raised by Dr Chirisa.
assure you that the society is in a sound financial position, contrary to the impression that may have been created through the aforesaid press report. At all times, the society has complied with both internal and external audit obligations.
“The external audit reports of the company are already in the public domain.”
In another letter to Mrs Fundira, some members called for the suspension of Mr Ndlovu pending investigations.
“Further to your recent statement in the Herald newspaper of December 15th, 2023, where you assured stakeholders of Cimas’ sound financial state; we would like to express our concern regarding the status of the chief executive,” read their letter.
“We believe that for the sake of transparency and to ensure the integrity of the ongoing investigation, the CEO’s immediate excusal or suspension would be the most prudent course of action. This measure would alleviate any potential for interference with the investigation from individuals directly implicated in the alleged misconduct.”
Some of the projects that have been described by Dr Chirisa as unviable include the renovation of Borrowdale clinic made at the cost of US$2 million, despite it being a rented building, the renovation of Mashonaland building at US$3 million whose costs are now higher than what was used to construct it and buying of property in neighbouring countries that are believed to be “shells”.
Dr Chirisa made the allegations in a case before a Labour Officer where he is applying, through his lawyers led by Dr Rodgers Matsikidze of Matsikidze Law Firm, for conciliation between him and Mr Ndlovu, following allegations of unfair labour practices.

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