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ZESA disconnects Parly

ZESA disconnects Parly


The imposing multi-million-dollar Parliament in Mt Hampden is also feeling the pinch of the crippling power cuts that has seen the massive structure relying on generators.

This was revealed by the acting Speaker of Parliament on Tuesday who had to appeal that members submit their further suggestions to Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Felix Mhona’s ministerial report in writing as power would switch off anytime.

Industry and residents are feeling the power crisis that has affected businesses including big retailers hard and threatening their existence.

“I would like to advise Hon. Members that we are going to lose power anytime from now because we are working on generators,” the acting Speaker announced.

“So, if anybody has got any suggestions that they want to give to the Minister, I would urge you to write them down and then hand them over to the Minister through the Administration of Parliament.  I will ask the Minister to adjourn the House for us.”

Parliament adds to the list of other key institutions including clinics, schools, universities among others that are forced to face the brunt and meet other expenses associated with alternative power.

Parliament in October moved to the new building following the successful handover by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to the Speaker of Parliament Advocate Jacob Mudenda.

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