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Khayah Cement resumes operations

Khayah Cement resumes operations



Listed cement producer, Khayah Cement has resumed operations following the restoration of its mill at its Mabvuku plant.

In a statement, Khayah Cement assured the stakeholders and customers that the cement producer will meet the current product demand.

“The recommended retail selling price for PC15 and Supaset remains unchanged at US$10.50 and US$11.50, respectively,” Khayah Cement said.

The restoration comes amid concerns over a surge in cement prices by some retailers, sparking what many are calling “price madness” in the industry.

This has also caused shortages in the market.

The cement producer has warned cement dealers to act responsibly and adhere to the recommended retail prices, ensuring fair and reasonable pricing for end-users.

“We have not increased our prices and remain dedicated to providing a steady supply of quality cement to our customers at reasonable rates,” the statement read.

“It is crucial that our retailers recognize the importance of responsible pricing to maintain a healthy and sustainable market,” Khayah Cement said.

This week, the government announced a raft of measures meant to stabilise cement prices including extending import licenses while also allowing those with free funds to import the product duty free.

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