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Coltart gets a lot of flak after likening ZANU-PF to NAZIs

Bulawayo mayor David Coltart yesterday received a lot of flak after he likened the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front to Nazis.

Responding to a post by British ambassador to Zimbabwe, Pete Vowles who said he had attended ZANU-PF’s national conference in Gweru as an observer, Coltart said: “Nazi rallies in Nuremberg were also very impressive on the surface. I trust the international community will never lose sight of the fact that Zanu PF is in essence a fascist party. It does not respect the rule of law – and the laws it creates, like the so called Patriot provisions, are weapons used against the democratic opposition.”

ZANU-PF held its annual conference in Gweru where the party was launched in 1964. The conference ended yesterday.

Responding to Coltart @SDhikinya11793 said: “Dave please perform quietly, don’t forget the hand of reconciliation, please continue cleaning the City of Kings.”

Nkatha nkatha added: “Coltart Coltart Coltart why are u not grateful to the Zimbabwe people.”

@MadzibabaJon said: “If u include the Nazis, you’re openly telling us that we’re weak to allow you, one who was an operative of the notorious Smith ragime to be a government representative in an independent Zimbabwe. You’re a fruit of a Facist system, surprisingly.”

@Affectionislove accused Coltart of committing atrocities during the Rhodesia era but Larry Chramba hit Coltart even harder.

“What a load of bull likening @zanupf_patriots to the Nazis. It’s quite pathetic if not sadistic for a self confessed ex-Rhodesian enforcer and murderer to suddenly want to seem righteous and democratic. Sometimes it seems the louder someone claims sainthood, the bigger the horns they’re hiding.”

Andrew Korera, however, stood behind Coltart saying: “Well said @DavidColtart. we are re living the nightmares of Nazi and it’s infamous gestapo outfit.”

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