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Oppein expands to commercial space

Oppein Group, the world’s number one cabinetry manufacturer, which officially opened its first shop in Sam Levy’s Village, Borrowdale in Harare last year in October, says the company will expand its operations to commercial space in the next twelve months to sustain business.
The company which is well known of its state- of- the art assemblies and top-notch expertise in its products has expanded its work from homes and offices to gigantic projects in various affluent projects around the country.
Oppein operates under the local group Kavod Sati on a franchise basis, with the customised home décor shop being one of the first in Southern Africa.
The group has a presence in 188 countries in the world and 7200 franchise showrooms across the globe.

The company which manufactures and sells prime kitchen custom cabinets, countertops, appliances, and accessories wants to leverage on its huge world presence to grow the Zimbabwean business.
Oppein showroom manager Carol Chirairo told Business Times that the major players in land developing space have approached the world’s leading cabinetry manufacturer to work together in their latest projects.
“We want to also target commercial projects around the country to sustain the business in the next 12 months and beyond. Major developers in the country have endorsed our work and we will combine our efforts in these projects to ensure they meet international standards. As you know various hotels are refurbishing ahead of the festive season and they have approached us to apply our expertise to beautify various hospitality spaces,” Chirairo said.

“More people are developing residential areas and will be targeting developers and construction workers,” she added.
She said Oppein can customise products to suit the customer’s budget.
“We will continue with our mantra of turning houses into homes on a larger scale. As we speak many clients have demolished their homes to have a taste of the customised Oppein product,” Chirairo said.

“The Oppein product not only caters for the high end market, its for anyone with an impeccable taste looking for uniqueness and luxury in their home. The company can tailor make a client’s order to suit the amount that the client’s budget.”
Chirairo said Oppein is here to stay as the company has seen a huge potential in the Zimbabwean market.
Despite, various challenges affecting the country’s economy, Chirairo said Oppein products have been well received by clients.
Oppein has over 5 manufacturing plants in which have a total area of over 2.3m square meters, giving it the edge of being the world’s largest furniture output.

The group has done work in Mutare, Bulawayo, Gweru and Victoria Falls.
Oppein, which was founded in China in 1994, is currently the largest bath and kitchen manufacturing company in the world, and in 2021 the company had a turnover of US$3.14bn coming from the production and sale of approximately US$6m various products worldwide.

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