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Mr Nelson Chamisa Fails to Pay Rent

Mr Nelson Chamisa, has been kicked out of rented property in Belvedere, Harare.

Mr Chamisa, now finds himself at the apex of a formation with no fixed abode after he was ejected from the Belvedere house due to failure to pay rentals.

Mercy Dunatuna Muvhundusi (MDM) Attorneys, who are representing the unnamed clients, gave Mr Chamisa and his workers the marching orders.

“We represent the property owners of Number 10 Beal Road, Belvedere, Harare. We are advised by our clients that sometime in May 2023 you entered into a verbal agreement in terms of which you were to lease the main house excluding the main bedroom. The rentals for the property were pegged in the sum of US$1 000,00 per month.

“Our clients further advise that for the months of July and August 2023, you paid rentals in the sum of US$800,00 instead of the agreed amount of US$1 000,00,” reads the letter in part.

Apart from failing to pay the full sum in rentals for the main house, Mr Chamisa also took occupation of a cottage at the same property adding to his bills which he characteristically could not settle. “We are further advised that in September 2023, you took occupation of one of the cottages at the house. The rentals for the cottage and security deposit were in the amount of US$900,00. Despite that you have taken occupation of the cottage, you have failed or neglected to pay the rentals and the security deposit.

“You thus owe our clients rental arrears in the total sum of US$1 300,00. As such you are in breach of the lease agreement. As a result of the breach, our clients have decided to cancel the lease agreement with immediate effect. This letter thus serves as notification of cancellation of the lease agreement between yourselves and our client”.

With CCC having breached the lease agreement, the property owners are determined to eject the party or they will, through their lawyers, seek further legal remedies.

“In light of the fact that you are in breach of the lease agreement, there is no requirement on our part to give you notice to vacate. You are therefore required to vacate our client’s premises forthwith failing which we shall institute legal proceedings against you for your eviction and holding over damages, and the costs of such proceedings at a legal practitioner and client scale shall be to your account. Be guided accordingly,” reads the letter.

Recently, it was revealed that the European Union handed Mr Chamisa US$2,5 million when he visited The Netherlands before the elections.

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