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CCC Leader Says he has a Solid Plan

CCC leader Nelson Chamisa on Saturday, 16 September, said he has a solid plan and President Emmerson Mnangagwa and ZANU PF are aware of the plan.


Chamisa said the plan is not on the ZANU PF-led government’s terms, a suggestion he will not be pushed into confronting the ruling party. He posted on X:


Fellow Citizens, your victory can’t be denied or delayed. It’s sealed and guaranteed. The season of the NEW is upon us. Zimbabwe shall be known as a blessed nation with delightful and great people!


Responding to one Benjamin who seemingly mocked him for his silence, Chamisa said, “When you know the full script you don’t panic! It will all end in unprecedented joy and celebration!”


Chamisa said “We have got a solid plan, never on their terms but on our own terms! And they know it!” when challenged to make a plan to extricate the masses from grinding poverty.


The CCC leader did not reveal the plan but his party has been lobbying SADC and AU to intervene and push Zimbabwe to hold fresh elections.


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