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Kuda Mnangagwa Speaks Out

Zimbabwe’s new deputy Finance and Investment Promotion Minister David Kuda Mnangagwa said those casting aspersions over his appointment to a critical role should judge him based on his performances adding it was premature to judge him hours after his appointment.
Mnangagwa appointed David, his son, into the new cabinet where he will deputise Professor Mthuli Ncube.
Upon appointment, critics described the appointment as “nepotism” and not based on merit, a view dismissed by pro-Zanu PF elements as baseless as David was qualified for the posting.
“l will not preempt anything yet until l get in office and see what is behind the curtain,” Mnangagwa said.“Appointments are a discretion of His Excellency and its constitutional but to the nation l have been given a task that l am not taking for granted.”
“l will execute it diligently and l would wish those who have been hard on me, can judge me further and track my progress. l am okay with high bar being set and l look forward to that,” he told journalists after he was sworn in at State House on Tuesday.
“I have come into one of the toughest portfolios as deputy minister and there is a huge expectation from my constituency which is the Youth. Under NDS1 by the time we reach 2025 the trickledown effect of a growing economy will be felt,” the Midlands MP under the Youth Quota said.Mnangagwa’s appointment of David had raffled opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) feathers with the Nelson Chamisa-led outfit saying it smacks of nepotism.However, others feel as long as he can deliver on expectation in Zimbabwe’s ailing economy, nothing was entirely wrong with the latest development.
Mnangagwa also appointed Harare South MP Tongai Mnangagwa as a deputy Minister in the new government.Other critics also claimed Mnangagwa’s appointment of other Ministers whose track satisfied with their performances hence retaining them into his Cabinet.Sports, Recreation Arts and Culture Deputy Minister Emily Jesaya said her appointment was an expression of faith on young people by Mnangagwa.“It is my first time being given a ministerial post and l would like to thank His Excellency for giving us this opportunity as young people of Zimbabwe.
It means a lot not just to me but to a lot of youths in Zimbabwe and to the women in Zimbabwe,” he said.“I have a lot that l would want to learn and l am thankful that l have Minister Kirsty Coventry who has been running the Ministry for the past five years so l will take her as my mentor in this new career l have gotten into,” she said.Newly appointed Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Jenfan Muswere promised to transform the media industry.
He said his plan was to digitalise the media sector. He is a former Minister of ICT.

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