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TIMB top executive in sexual harassment storm

The  Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) acting chief executive officer Emmanuel Matsvaire is allegedly  embroiled in a sexual harassment storm involving a senior female subordinate, documents lodged to the organisation’s disciplinary committee reveal.
The damning  allegations arose from an incident which Matsvaire called the female executive (name withheld) to his office to  tell her  about possible expulsion  due to  a number of  counts alleged against her.
The interim is said to have uttered foul language and boasted of various relationships that he has with other female employees.
In a disciplinary hearing before the TIMB disciplinary committee, a top female executive made sensational claims on Matsvaire’s lustrous desires to bed her among other workers.
” Not only has the current acting chief executive officer previously harassed  me, he also wanted to silence me through  an unfair process where he has superintended the commencement of the present hearing in my absence and that of my legal practitioners despite the fact that he knew that I am currently on the deathbed fighting for my life.
” I  further assert that why the complainant ought not to be relied on. His evidence has been choreographed  and concocted  for purposes of seeking to unfairly disadvantage me,” reads part of  her defence.
She said the complainant will not suffer any prejudice at all if I am to be afforded the right to cross-examine him and any other witnesses that Matsvaire might have led in the circumstances.
It is alleged that acting CEO summoned the top female executive to his office to deliver  the letter of “Leave of Absence”  dated October 27 2022  where she got emotional and broke into tears.

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